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    Gypsum Access Panel


    Access Panel

    Model NO.: TOP005
    Brand: GYPTOP/OEM
    Size: 600mm×600mm
    FOB Price: USD 11.5
    Min Order: 500PCS
    Main Materials: Standard gypsum board,Alu Frame
    Package: Carton
    Quality Standard: ISO9001-2008,ASTM,CE

    Shandon Top Building Materials Co.,Ltd

    Lightweight Gypsum Ceiling Access Panel.
    This lightweight, insulated, all aluminum access door is ideal for exterior applications, and also those specific interior applications where corrosion or moisture is a concern. Access to large openings in walls and ceilings is made easy. The aluminum door panel is lined with 3/4" polystyrene insulation.

    Construction Specifications:
    A state-of-the-art lightweight gypsum based formula that exceeds all required specifications that the market expects.
    Manufactured from inorganic material and with 70% post-consumer recycled glass, using a patented composition that consistently provides a superior product.
    Our gypsum panel is lightweight and features exceptional definition, high compressive strength, and zero mold and fungus growth.
    Moisture resistant, no warping, cracking or sagging.
    Door & Frame: 5/8 lightweight Gypsum, drop in door
    Finish: Unpainted natural grey Gypsum
    Installation: Access panels are installed using standard supplies, screws are #6 bugle head. Joints are filled with standard tape and joint compound, then sanded. The access panel has edge thickness to accommodate 5/8 drywall. Therefore, shimming may be required if adjacent material is not 5/8.
    Substrate material is determined by job site conditions. The panel does not require framing, but can be connected to adjacent drywall using blocks or studs.

    Common size

    Item CodeFace size(mm)Frame Size(mm)


    FAQ :
    1.Who we are?
        we are Shandong Top Building Materials CO.,LTD
    2.What we do?
        We are the professional and best manufacturer of Ceiling And Drywall System from china
    3.What is our goal?
        Create greater value for our customers.
    4.Why choose Shandong Top Building Materials CO.,LTD?
        We focus on the gypsum board industry 30 years.
        We have 15 years of export business experience.
        We are more professional and efficient.

    5.What is our website?
      www.gyptop.com  www.www.gzrgs.cn
    6.What is our brand?
        Its Gyptop Brand
    7.Why choose the Gyptop Brand?
        Gyptop brand represents a more professional service and an efficient way of working, the     most important thing is to create greater value for our customers.
    8.What I can do for you?
        Save your time, save your costs and create maximum benefits for you
    9.What's certificate we can provide?
    10.What are the advantages of our products?
         A Grade top quality, full size and more higher stability
    11.What are our talent advantages?
          We have 5-10 years experience in gypsum board export work.
          We have more professional product knowledge.
          We understand the target market better.
          We are the best partner for you.

    Container Size? Load?Qty Total?Sqm
    1 1200X2700X7mm 580pcs 3950M2
    1200X3000X7mm 580pcs
    2 1200X2700X8mm 500pcs 3500M2
    1200X3000X8mm 500pcs
    3 1200X2700X9mm 450pcs 3100M2
    1200X3000X9mm 450pcs
    4 1200X2700X9.5mm 440pcs 3000M2
    1200X3000X9.5mm 440pcs
    5 1200X2700X10mm 430pcs 2950M2
    1200X3000X10mm 430pcs
    6 1200X2700X12mm 350pcs 2500M2
    1200X3000X12mm 350pcs

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