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    Ceiling Gird


    Ceiling T-Bar

    Model NO.: TOP004
    Brand: Gyptop/OEM
    Size: 24X26X3600X0.3MM
    FOB Price: USD 0.80
    Min Order: 3000M2
    Main Materials: Steel
    Package: Carton
    Quality Standard: ISO9001-2008,ASTM,CE

    GYPTOP? Suspended Ceiling Flat T-gird

    GYPTOP?suspended ceiling flat T-girds use domestic high-quality continuous hot-dip galvanized and painted steel strip as raw material, is a kind of high-quality product manufactured by applying advanced technology and rolling and cold bending process. It belongs to European and American lightweight metal framing system with simple structure and less accessories.

    Tee bar exposed grid system is the economical framing suspension grid system used with metal and gypsum lay in tiles . Tee bar with the flange width 24mm and consist of main tee and cross tee in length 600mm and 1200mm.

    There is many types of t grid . Flat Tee Grid is the regular and common type to use .  Besides that, there is Flat groove Tee Grid, Groove T grid, Three-dimensional groove T bar avaible. Also , there are many colours to choose .




    1.      Main Tee

    2.      Cross Tee 1200mm

    3.      Cross Tee 600mm

    4.      Panel or tile



    How to Install the Ceiling Grid system:



    1.Determine the ceiling level around the room

    2.Fix wall angle to the wall with nails or screws at 400mm intervals.

    3.Gyptop? Main Tee at 1200mm intervals,measuring from the1 point,with galvanised steel suspension   wires at 1200mm. Wrap the 2.5mm strined suspension wire tightly at least 3 full turns around itself.

    4.Insert 1200mm Gyptop? Ceiling Grid Cross Tee at right angles to the 3600mm Main Tees

    5.Insert 600mm Gyptop? Ceiling  cross Grid Cross Tee at right angles to the 1200mm cross Tees

    6.Lay-in the Gyptop? Gypsum board tiles





    1. Economical, easy to install, using less labor to complete the installation at miniumum time.

    2.Interchangeability of main and corss tees berween systems,promotes lower inventory requirements and greater field flexibility.

    3.The direct access lock feature in this section allows the system to be easily installed near the switch.

    4. The system improves the flexibility of the design and maintains the normally designed load in a suspended tee system (see load table).

    5.The cross beams provide a fully flush joint that is different between the power supply and the cross and ensures the rigidity of the fixture.

    6.The online cross provides a true double lock action.


    Container Size? Load?Qty Total?Sqm
    1 1200X2700X7mm 580pcs 3950M2
    1200X3000X7mm 580pcs
    2 1200X2700X8mm 500pcs 3500M2
    1200X3000X8mm 500pcs
    3 1200X2700X9mm 450pcs 3100M2
    1200X3000X9mm 450pcs
    4 1200X2700X9.5mm 440pcs 3000M2
    1200X3000X9.5mm 440pcs
    5 1200X2700X10mm 430pcs 2950M2
    1200X3000X10mm 430pcs
    6 1200X2700X12mm 350pcs 2500M2
    1200X3000X12mm 350pcs

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    plaster board loading

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