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    Gypsum Ceiling Tile


    PVC Gypsum Ceiling

    Model NO.: TOP002
    Brand: Gyptop/OEM
    Size: 595X595X7MM/603X603X7MM
    FOB Price: USD 0.85/M2
    Min Order: 8000M2
    Main Materials: PVC Film,Gypsum Board,Alu Film
    Package: Carton
    Quality Standard: ISO9001-2008,ASTM,CE

    Gyptop Brand PVC Laminated gypsum ceiling tile using new technology and raw material processing quality and become, mainly reflected in the strict quality control procedures, PVC leather material quality, level of gypsum board,environmental protective glue.


    The materials of our PVC gypsum ceiling tiles.


    White PVC film, Aluminium foil,Paper faced nature gypsum board.


    Top Building PVC gypsum ceiling Features:


    1.Contemporary designs and patterns To suit your ambiance

    2.High light reflection range 80%-91%, helps with room illumination

    3.Thermal resistance R=O.41 m2 KW and thermal conductivity K value = 0.16 W/mk

    4.Moisture resistance excellent performance in humid conditions

    5.Fire protection made of Class 0 material for highest fire resistance performance

    6.In structural. thermal or hygrometric changes, panels are less likely to wrap and crack than conventional gypsum panels

    7.Good acoustic properties reduce noise In large areas

    8.No need for additional painting

    9.Factory made, smooth and uniform

    10.Easy to clean hard washable surface that resists stains and abuse

    11.Vinyl finish of panel, seals out moisture, bacteria, dirt and odors

    12.Easy to install in T-Grid system



     Indoor decoration of buildings such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls theaters, danceries, cinemas, stations, auditoriums, offices, sitting rooms, business buildings, electronic workshops, precision apparatus rooms and industrial or residential buildings.

    The specification and details of our PVC gypsum ceiling tiles.


    Container Size? Load?Qty Total?Sqm
    1 1200X2700X7mm 580pcs 3950M2
    1200X3000X7mm 580pcs
    2 1200X2700X8mm 500pcs 3500M2
    1200X3000X8mm 500pcs
    3 1200X2700X9mm 450pcs 3100M2
    1200X3000X9mm 450pcs
    4 1200X2700X9.5mm 440pcs 3000M2
    1200X3000X9.5mm 440pcs
    5 1200X2700X10mm 430pcs 2950M2
    1200X3000X10mm 430pcs
    6 1200X2700X12mm 350pcs 2500M2
    1200X3000X12mm 350pcs

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